Construction Management

Brindley provides construction management services on projects of major scope where the owner elects to use an outside contractor.  The service includes the coordination of the construction activities and reporting to the Owner/Architect to ensure compliance with the architectural plans and the project schedule.

The owner saves time and money by employing Brindley Construction as Construction Manager at the inception of the project.  The CM team is established, consisting of Owner, Architect, CM, and General Contractor, thus minimizing the adversarial relationships that often exist in the competitive bid market.

Time can be saved by incorporating the design phase into the total project schedule. The construction phase can be started and long-lead delivery items can be ordered before the contract drawings are complete.  When the duration of the project is shortened, cost escalation is controlled and construction financing costs are reduced.

A realistic budget is established at the onset of the project through conceptual estimates. Through Value Engineering, the budget is maintained by allowing the team to evaluate cost and time implication of alternate design solutions.  Value Engineering saves more money during the design phase than could ever be realized by using conventional competitive bidding methods.

As a CM with a general contracting background, we will solicit and analyze competitive subcontractor bids and ensure that no overlap in the work occurs.  Qualified subcontractors are selected at the best price and subcontractor additive change orders are minimal resulting in a net savings to the overall project cost.